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 PlanetSide 2 News und Updates 
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Beitrag PlanetSide 2 News und Updates
Halbjahres Fahrplan:


Server Zusammenlegung: Server Mallory wird mit Ceres zusammen gelegt.


22. Feb 2013, 20:02
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Beitrag Re: PlanetSide 2 News und Updates
März Update:

All servers will come down for a Game Update on March 13th at 6:00 AM PT. Downtime is anticipated to be less than 2 hours. Players may note the following changes to gameplay:

General Updates

Rotated the Warp Gates on all three continents
Passive Certification gain has been increased for members.

We've increased the number of passive certifications for members and scaled the increase in Certification points based on length of Membership. The new cert point rates are as follows:

1-mo. member - 24 passive cert points/day
2-mo. member - 28.8 passive cert points/day
3-mo. member - 33.6 passive cert points/day
4-mo. member - 38.4 passive cert points/day
5-mo. member - 43.2 passive cert points/day
6-mo. + member - 48 passive cert points/day

Added a Virtual Reality Training Center
This area is accessible through any warp terminal
This is a safe test area where you can try every weapon, vehicle, and upgrade available to your empire!
Each empire has its own Training area.
This area has target dummies for vehicles and infantry that have the same properties as in normal combat.
An indoor shooting range with random targets at 10 meter intervals for reflex practice and target recognition is available.
An outdoor shooting range with infantry and vehicle targets to train with all manner of weaponry is also available.
There is an open area to practice driving or flying with vehicles.
A quad course is available, but jump ramps haven’t been installed yet, so be cautious and creative when navigating the course!
While in the training area players have a separate set of loadouts for vehicles and classes. Normal loadouts are used when the player returns to one of the continents.
A Redeploy hotkey has been added and can be used without having to view the map. Default binding is the Delete key. If you find yourself stranded in VR, use the hotkey to get back to the training facility. This functionality is available both in and out of VR Training.
For training purposes, reality has been altered in this area:
All weapons for infantry and vehicles available to the player’s empire can be used!
All vehicle upgrades, suit upgrades, abilities, and weapon attachments are available and at the maximum rank while in the zone, regardless of the player’s current certifications.
Vehicles and MAX suits do not cost resources.
Vehicles and MAX suits do not require or start acquisition timers.
Player stats are not recorded while in this area.
Experience and medals cannot be earned while in this area.
Players cannot hurt each other or their vehicles but can hurt themselves.
Shooting or destroying friendly target dummies does not grant grief points but will still show the grief indicator and play the grief sound.
Respawning has no time delay.
Weapon trials cannot be obtained while in this area (you already have access to every weapon!).
Note that consumables still cost resources and deplete the player’s inventory when used while in VR. This will be altered in a future update.

New Items:

More Classic Decals have been added to the Depot.
Added a new weapon for the Flash, the S12 Renegade shotgun.

Infantry Updates

The cloak effect on low graphics settings will no longer make the infiltrator completely invisible.
Fixed issues with some AA weapons not causing proper damage to air vehicles at close range.
Fixed an issue where rocket launchers could maintain a lock through actions that should have cancelled it
Shooting through SCU shields should no longer impact projectile range
When set to semi-automatic, the crosshair for the NS-11 and NS-11 Platinum should no longer disappear
Fixed an issue where the M77-B could lose its crosshair after aiming down the sight
Changed the color of the night vision scope’s crosshair so that is easier to see against dark backgrounds.
Should now be able to unlock the Auraxium Medal for the TR’s ASP-30 Grounder
The shell casings for all pump action shotguns should now eject from the weapon at the correct time and match the texture of the shell casings being loaded
Placed C4 will now despawn when the source player dies
NS Annihilator: Range to lock-on to ground targets reduced to 400 meters (matching the range of other ground lock-on rocket launchers). Range against aircraft remains at 500 meters.
Fixed bug that was causing the hit box and the player model to not match when jumping.
Note: Other players will now jump lower to the ground (and be slightly easier to shoot). There has been no change to actual jump height.
Small increase to the angle that players can walk up
The medals for the TRS-12 Uppercut should no longer be mislabeled
The LX Mark IV and Trueshot scopes should now both apply the proper attachment to the GD-66 Claw when equipped
Addressed cosmetic issues with the T5 AMC’s reload animation
The following infantry based explosives have been modified. In general, explosions are now stronger at their center, but damage falls off faster
Frag Grenades: Reduced inner blast radius by 2 meters. Reduced outer blast radius by 0.5 meters. Increased inner damage by 25 points.
Sticky Grenades: Reduced inner blast radius by 2 meters. Reduced outer blast radius by 0.5 meters. Increased inner damage by 25 points. Sticky grenades will now bypass flak armor if stuck to a player.
TR Claymores: Reduced inner blast radius by 1.5 meters. Reduced outer blast radius by 1 meter. Increased inner damage by 25 points.
NC Bouncing Betties & VS Proximity Mines: Reduced inner blast radius by 0.5 meters. Reduced outer blast radius by 1 meter. Increased inner damage by 25 points.
Tank Mines: Reduced inner blast radius by 0.5 meters. Reduced outer blast radius by 3 meters. Note: These changes only apply to infantry.
Underbarrel Grenade Launcher: Reduced inner blast radius by 0.4 meters. Increased inner damage by 25 points.
C4: Increased inner blast radius by 1 meter.

Modified the total ammunition capacity of the following weapons:

Default capacity increased from 120 to 140 on the following carbines:

NC Reaper DMR

Default capacity increased from 180 to 210 on the following assault rifles:

NC GR-22
NC Carnage BR
VS Pulsar VS1
VS H-V45
VS Equinox VE2 Burst
VS Equinox VE2
VS Solstice
VS VX6-7
VS Solstice Burst
VS Solstice SF
VS Serpent

Default capacity increased from 60 to 70 on the following Sniper rifles:

NC Gauss SPR
NC Impetus
VS VA39 Spectre
VS Phantom

Default capacity increased from 30 to 40 on the following bolt action sniper rifles:

NC NC14 Bolt Driver
NC Longshot
TR M77-B
VS Ghost
VS V10
VS Parallax

All 75 round LMGs are now the same and have a 300 round capacity.

NC Gauss Saw S
VS Pulsar LSW
VS Flare
VS Ursa


NC NC4 Mag-Shot : Default capacity increased from 60 to 75
NC Rebel : Default capacity increased from 32 to 56
TR TX1 Repeater: Default capacity increased from 84 to 105
VS Beamer VS3 : Default capacity increased from 68 to 85
VS Manticore SX40 : Default capacity increased from 60 to 75


NC AF-4 Cyclone : Default capacity increased to 175
TR SMG-46 Armistice : Default capacity increased to 240
TR PDW-16 Hailstorm : Lowered default capacity to 240
VS Eridani SX5 : Default capacity increased to 200


TR T32 Bull: Lowered default capacity to 240
All semi-auto shotguns : Default capacity increased to 48
NC Jackhammer : Default capacity increased to 48
VS VX29 Polaris : Fixed bug that was causing this weapon to pickup ammunition twice as fast as all other 100 round LMGS.
NC Gauss SAW S: Fixed bug that was causing this weapon to pickup ammunition too slow. It now collects a full magazine each pickup pass.
All 8 round magazine semi-auto shotguns: Fixed bug that was causing these to only pickup 6 rounds each pass. They now pickup a full 8.

Vehicle Updates

Flash Update:
Rumble Seat: You can now bring a passenger with you on your Flash that can utilize their personal weapons while moving.
New Cert Line: Wraith Module: Cloaking for infiltrators using the Flash
New Weapon: S12 Renegade Shotgun
Vehicle horns should now be able to be heard from significantly greater distances
Movement improvements have been made for the Magrider:

Stock hover length increased
Hill climbing restrictions re-adjusted. Should no longer receive excessive penalties when driving on uneven terrain.

Torque has been increased for all ground vehicles.
This should result in an increase over their current top speeds when driving up inclines.
General tuning adjustments to environmental collision damage for all vehicles
Should now be able to re-equip the default cockpit glass on aircraft after equipping decal cockpit glass
Vehicles will no longer continue to drive themselves after the pilot exits
Fixed an issue that could cause a players to be flung long distances when they collided with a vehicle

Vehicle Weapon Changes

Prowler P2-120 HEAT & HE rounds have had their blast damage reduced from 1000 to 700.
Full shields and health infantry require at least two rounds to be killed from splash damage exclusively.
This does not affect direct damage.
A direct hit will still kill a full health infantry in one round.
Most vehicles are immune to tank blast damage so this will have little effect on vehicle to vehicle combat.

Prowler P2-120 HE

Time to reload increased from 3125ms to 3500ms
Vanguard Titan 150 HE
Time to reload decreased from 5000ms to 4750ms

G30/A30 Walker

Reduced cone of fire penalty slightly
The inner/outer blast radius from the following vehicle based weapons has been reduced
MBT HEAT: (P2-120, Titan and Supernova): Inner radius blast reduced from 2 to 1.5 meters. Outer radius blast reduced from 7 to 5 meters.
MBT HE: (P2-120, Titan and Supernova): Inner radius blast reduced from 2.5 to 2 meters. Outer radius blast reduced from 11 to 8 meters.
Lightning: L100 Python HEAT: Inner radius blast reduced from 1.5 to 1 meter. Outer radius blast reduced from 7 to 5 meters.
Lightning: L100 Python HE: Inner radius blast reduced from 2 to 1.5 meters. Outer radius blast reduced from 11 to 8 meters.
Liberator: L105 Zepher: Outer radius blast reduced from 8 to 7 meters.
Liberator: C150 Dalton: Outer radius blast reduced from 10 to 9 meters.


Rocket Pods: Outer radius blast reduced from 6 to 5 meters.
Common: M60 Bulldog: Outer radius blast reduced from 8 to 6 meters.
Common: E540 Halberd: Outer radius blast reduced from 4 to 3 meters.
Magrider: Saron HRB: Outer radius blast reduced from 4 to 3 meters.
Vanguard: Enforcer ML85: Outer radius blast reduced from 4 to 3 meters.
Prowler: P525 Marauder: Inner radius now matches M40 Fury; Increased from 1 to 2 meters.

The experience granted for killing many enemy vehicles has been increased:

Galaxy: 400 xp, increased from 300 xp
Liberator: 500 xp, increased from 150 xp
ESF: 400 xp, increased from 75 xp
MBTs: 500 xp, increased from 100 xp
Lightning: 400 xp, increased from 100 xp

UI Updates

The server select screen in the create character flow now defaults to showing recommended servers
Improved bundle preview functionality
Added item descriptions tooltips
Added strikethrough for owned items
Added “last logged in” to outfit management
Added drag and drop functionality to the Platoon Management window
The grenade counter on the HUD now displays which grenade you have equipped
Various UI optimizations
Manual minimap zoom is now supported. The default keybindings are ‘[‘ and ‘]’ for zoom out and zoom in, respectively.

Respawn & Map screen revamp

The respawn screen has been merged with the map screen capabilities
Deployment locations are now displayed on the left side of the screen when the player is dead, along with simplified class selection panel. The list functions the same way it did on the respawn screen.
You can now switch continent views by clicking directly on the continent title bar at the top of the map screen.
Statistics, Resources, and Filters panels have been consolidated into a modal toggle bar in the upper-right of the map screen. In addition to reducing screen clutter, this cleans the map up to future expansion as features such as the mission system get implemented.
Instant action has been redesigned to be a single button press, with no on-map indication of where it will send the player, but it will still hot-drop them onto a facility with heavy combat. This is to prevent people from exploiting instant action as an organizational tool, which is what people were using it for previously. If you are in a squad and not the leader, a second button for squad deploy will appear.
Fixed a bug where locked certs were showing as purchasable, even though they could not be purchased
The tooltip displaying Bronze and Gold membership bonus percentages should now show the correct bonus amounts
The information displayed in the Profile page and the Leaderboard Stats Pane should now be consistent
Fixed an issue where platoon leaders that gave up squad leadership were unable to be promoted back to squad leader
Facility defends should now be appropriately tracked in stats and leaderboards
Leaderboards should no longer display erroneous negative numerical values in the Time Played column
Can now click/sort the BR, Capture, and Defended columns in the Leaderboard
Social Menu button on the Leaderboards should now be grayed out for your own name
"Back" and "Next" buttons become grayed out and do not function once the player reaches the beginning or end of the leaderboards
The "go to top" and "find me" buttons are now disabled on the friend and outfit leaderboards
The Mini-Chaingun, Jackhammer, and Lasher are now listed in the machine gun section of the stats page
/l and /c are now shortcuts for leader/command chat.
Destroyed phalanx turrets display the “need repair” wrench icons for friendly engineers
Location of squad mates should correctly show on the map, even if the squad was created at long ranges
Will no longer receive a successful confirmation message when entering incorrect Twitch TV credentials
Vehicle acquisition timers should now display accurately while you are dead
There is now a Battle Rifle filter in the Depot
The AMR-66 should now be correctly filtered in the Depot

The following commands should now function properly:

/outfit invite
/outfit quit
/outfit leave (same functionality as /outfit quit)

Facility Updates

Can no longer capture Point A at Arroyo Torre Station through a wall
All jump pads at Nott Amp Station should now be empire-specific
Replaced a missing ammo tower from the Spec-Ops Training Camp
IFF shields at Wokuk Amp Station should now update appropriately on base capture
Fixed misplaced IFF shields at the NE teleporter room of Andvari Bio Lab
The shield generators at Zurvan Amp Station should now be connected to the appropriate shields
All banners at the following locations should now update properly with ownership:
Andvari Biolab
Terran BL-4 Crash Site
Onatha Biolab
Ymir Biolab

Added a fourth equipment terminal to the Heyoka Southeast Gate forward spawn
The ammo tower at Xelas Bio Lab’s North East forward spawn should now properly update with point ownership
Removed a non-functional SCUs from:
Copper Ravine Station
Crimson Bluff Tower
Mani Bio Lab
Addressed issues with Gravpad particle effects missing when viewed from certain angles
Fixed collision issues that could cause players to fall through the world near the Indar’s northern warpgate
Fixed patches of missing terrain at the following locations:
Zurvan Amp Station
Dahaka Amp Station
Allatum Biolab
Mao Tech Plant
Tawrich Tech Plant

Addressed some graphical issues at the spawn point for Howling Pass Checkpoint and the Dahaka Amp Station tunnels.
Forward spawn points should now display as neutral when appropriate on both the map and minimap
Addressed terrain clipping and texture seam issues at:
Zurvan Amp Station
Ikanam Bio Lab
Tawrich Tech Plant
Crimson Bluff Tower
The Stronghold
The Crown
Crossroads Watchtower
Highlands Solar Station
Indar Bay Point
J908 Impact Site
Red Ridge Communications
Sandstone Gulch Mining
Camp Connery
Scarred Mesa Skydock
Mao Tech Plant
Hvar Tech Plant
Gravel Pass
Abandoned NS Offices
Quartz Ridge Camp

Removed a non-functional capture point from the Esamir Biolabs
Fixed inconsistent experience reward for capturing Quartz Ridge Camp
Friendly terminals and phalanx turrets now give appropriate grief when damaged
Redesign of the Outpost Tower to make vehicle ordering more secure
Added a switchback from Blackshard Platinum Mine to Mesa Com. Station and connected Rust Mesa Lookout to the Old Stockpile
Adjusted ARC Bioengineering and NS Salvage Yard to be more accessible
Added a bridge from Crater Firing Range to Alkali Mining Supply
Addressed a stuck bug in some crates and containers at Northpoint Station
Anti Gravity Pad particle effects should no longer be coming through the floor anywhere at The Crown

Audio Updates

Riders on the Flash should now hear audio cues for lock-on
Exiting a Sunderer with a gate shield diffuser equipped should no longer play the diffuser activation audio.
Suppressor attachments should now change the firing audio of the Eridana SX5 and SMG-46 Armistice
GD-7F Carbine should no longer have different firing audio for single shot vs automatic fire
NS Annihilator should now have lock on sound effects


13. Mär 2013, 17:10
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Beitrag Re: PlanetSide 2 News und Updates
Planetside 2 - Entwickler lösen versehentlich Ingame-Geldsegen und Inflation aus

Spieler des Free2Play-Shooters Planetside staunten nicht schlecht, als ihre Spieleraccounts um einen unerwarteten Geldsegen in Form von teilweise über 100.000 Cert-Punkten bereichert wurden.

Die beiden Ingame-Währungen des Free2Play-Shooters Planetside 2, sind einer von den Entwicklern unabsichtlich ausgelösten, hausgemachten Inflation zum Opfer gefallen: Die Entwickler, die eigentlich nur einigen Spielern Wiedergutmachungszahlungen für doppelt angeschafftes Ingame-Equipment in Höhe von wenigen Tausend Cert-Punkte gutschreiben wollten, fluteten viele Accounts mit teilweise über 100.000 Cert-Punkten.

Planetside 2 operiert mit 2 Währungen: Station Cash kann direkt mit echtem Geld erkauft werden, während Cert-Punkte durch das Spielen des Spiels angesammelt werden können - zum Kauf von Waffen und Ausrüstug taugen beide.

Der Fehler entstand, als Sony Online Entertainment, die Betreiber von Planetside 2, einen Mißstand beheben wollten:

Bisher war im Spiel gekaufte Bonus-Ausrüstung nicht an den Spieler-Account, sondern den jeweiligen Spielcharakter gebunden. Das machte es erforderlich, den gleichen Gegenstand mehrfach für alle Charaktere eines Accounts kaufen zu müssen. Nach einer Umstellung durch SOE war pro Account nur noch ein Exemplar jedes Ausrüstungsgegenstands nötig, den alle Charaktere nutzen konnten. Spieler, die Gegenstände mehrfach erworben hatten, sollten daher eine Kompensation in Form von Cert-Punkten im Wert der doppelt gekauften Items erhalten.

Stattdessen erhielten viele Spieler, auch solche, denen überhaupt keine Wiedergutmachungszahlung zustand, eine wahre Geldschwemme.

Planetside-2-Entwickler Matt Higby sagte, eine Stornierung der Zahlungen käme nicht in Betracht - sie würden sich eine andere Methode ausdenken müssen, um ihren Fehler wieder auszubügeln.

Durch die massiven Cert-Zahlungen gerieten die Leaderboards des Spiels völlig durcheinander, da sich viele Spieler auf einen Schlag mit Top-Ausrüstung eindecken konnten. Dazu kommt, dass durch den Mega-Influx so vieler Cert-Punkte die mit echtem Geld bezahlten Station-Cash-Guthaben stark entwertet wurden.


12. Apr 2013, 12:06
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Beitrag Re: PlanetSide 2 News und Updates
PlanetSide 2 - Game Update 08 bringt neues Harasser-Fahrzeug und neue Fähigkeiten

Heue wird das Update 08 für den kostenlos spielbaren Multiplayer-Shooter PlanetSide 2 auf die Server gespielt. Der Patch unter anderem neue Inhalte wie den Harasser-Buggy.

Heute wird der Publisher von PlanetSide 2, ProSieben Sat. 1 Games, ein neues Update für den Multiplayer-Shooter online stellen. Neben einem neuen Fahrzeug, dem Harasser, werden auch neue Fähigkeiten für die MAX-Einheiten der unterschiedlichen Fraktionen integriert.

Der Harasser ist ein schneller und wendiger Buggy, welcher sich auf Grund seiner Geschwindigkeit vor allem für schnelle Einsätze eignet. Egal ob die Spieler schnell an die Front müssen, oder ihren Gegnern in den Rücken fallen wollen – dank der integrierten Bordkanone kann sich der Harasser auch in Gefechten verteidigen. Bis zu drei Spieler finden Platz in dem neuen Gefährt.

Eine weitere Neuerung: Die MAX-Einheiten werden über eine zusätzliche Fähigkeit pro Fraktion verfügen. Für das Neue Konglomerat gibt es das Aegiesschild, welches Schaden von vorne absorbiert. Dadurch ist der Spieler nur von der Seite und von hinten verwundbar. Die MAX-Einheiten der Terranischen Republik bekommen eine Lockdown-Funktion spendiert, wodurch sie eine Abriegelung fest im Boden verankern und die Feuerrate, Nachladegeschwindigkeit und Geschossgeschwindigkeit erhöhen. Die Vanu Souveränität erhält mit dem Zealot Overdrive eine Fähigkeit, die den Schadensausstoß erhöht und die Mobilität leicht erhöht.

Ein neuer Trailer zeigt den Harasser-Buggy im Spiel.


1. Mai 2013, 12:29
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Beitrag Re: PlanetSide 2 News und Updates
GU09 Patch Notes
The Lattice Link
With recent advances in technology, armed forces across Auraxis have developed the ability to more easily disrupt and manipulate the wireless communication and control protocols used by each of the Empires to take command of a base or facility. This has made the traditional methods for taking control of a region unreliable and potentially dangerous.

In order to maintain the integrity of their control protocols, the Empires have fallen back on an older system – a hard line network that physically connects bases and territories known as the Lattice Link.

While the hard line approach has been able to negate the recent security issues with using wireless technology, the Empires now require a friendly adjacent link to the Lattice in order to take control of an enemy installation.

Indar Battle Flow Improvements
The flow of combat in the live hex system can be tough to understand and predict, and can give the sense of chaos as opposed to appropriate tactical choices as forces move from one target to the next. We'd like to attempt a different approach that we think will improve the flow of battle significantly.

We have reduced the connections available on the map
Each region is connected to only a handful of other regions, creating clear conquest lanes
This will help direct players to the next fight, and allow you to predict the best places to set up defenses
The Facility Forward Spawns have been removed - in their place are new Small Outposts
These function just like other Small Outposts. Their layouts are very similar to what the Forward Spawns were, plus the addition of Allatum Botany Wing and Saurva South Fortress.
Some underutilized outposts have been removed as they did not improve the new conquest lanes
Nanite Pump Station
Archaeological Dig Site
ARC Bioengineering
Leopardwood Nursery
Spec-Ops Training Camp
Lost End Outlook
Mesa Comm. Station
Blackshard Platinum Mine
Some outposts were moved to locations that better serve the new conquest lanes on Indar
Ceres Farms
NS Secure Data Labs
Seabed Listening Post
Dahaka, Zurvan, and Peris have all had layout adjustments to help improve infantry combat flow in the Amp Stations.
Nearly every outpost on Indar received some work to help secure the spawn rooms and the capture points. Our goal was to make it make it much tougher to impact these areas from vehicles
Crown Capture Points relocated. We moved two capture points for the Crown down onto the nearby bridges. We also moved the spawn room back into the tower
We adjusted the road layout on Indar to better match the conquest lanes.
Viable redeployment points are now determined based off of “connected distance” across hexes rather than “as the crow flies”
Warpgates on Indar that used to yield infantry resources should now be surrounded by regions that yield mechanized resources instead
SCU Shields functionality changes – The generators that powered the SCU Shields have been removed. The SCU Shields now power down automatically when the base is 75% captured.

General Updates
Interactive Tutorial

When creating a new character, players will now have the option to participate in a brief tutorial covering the most basic mechanics of PlanetSide 2.
This can be skipped via a checkbox on the character customization screen
Existing characters can also run the tutorial at any time by going to the Support page and selecting the Go to Tutorial option.
Accessing main menu
Gravity Pads
Control Points
IFF Shields
Equipment Terminals
Recognizing Friend from Foe
Basic Combat
Warpgate Terminals
Instant Action

Instant Action Improvements

Instant Action will first try to find a decent fight on your current continent. If it cannot find one it will look for the best fights on any continent. This should prevent instant action from taking players away from Alerts or off a continent they enjoy.

Added sensitivity slider for aiming down sights (<4x scope)

If the default sensitivity feels “off” from what you’re used to, you’ll want to take a minute to re-adjust the slider to get it back to where you like it

The Helios and Connery servers will be merged with this update.

All characters on those servers will be able to log in as normal, they’ll just find themselves on the new Connery server.

New in the Depot
Empire Specific Weapons are now available for the Harasser

VS: Proton II PPA-H and Saron HRB-H
NC: Enforcer ML85-H and Enforcer C85 Modified-H
TR: G30 Vulcan-H and P525 Marauder-H

Other Changes and Additions

Lumifiber Trim now available for MBTs
Lowered several infantry weapon prices and adjusted some MBT, Sunderer, and Harasser weapon prices
Cert Holo Hood Ornament
Kill Count Vehicle Decal
Be on the lookout for additional sales

Infantry Updates
New VS MAX Ability: Zealot Overdrive

Increases movement speed while active
Speed buff does not increase with cert level
Decreases armor effectiveness while active
Increases weapon damage while active
Damage increases with cert level

New NC MAX Ability: Aegis Shield

Shield absorbs all incoming frontal damage while active
MAX is still vulnerable from the side and rear.
Shield has large health pool and fast regen rate
Health pool increases with cert level

New TR MAX Ability: Lockdown

Increases fire rate, projectile speed, and reload speed when deployed
All the above stats increase with cert level
Locks down the MAX into position and limits their turning radius until undeploying.

Buffed spot bonus xp

All spot bonus grants are increased from 10 XP to 20 XP
All squad spot bonus grants are increased from 15 XP to 30 XP

Concussion grenade changes

All concussion effects will now correctly check line of sight.
All concussion effects will now scale down based on distance from the impact point and how exposed the player was when the grenade went off.
The duration of the concussion grenade has been reduced. This duration will now scale down slightly based on how far the player was from the impact point.
Added unique audio feedback.

Flash Grenade Changes

Adjusted the falloff of the screen effect so that it is more consistent across different times of day.
Flash grenades will now remove a player’s UI if that player was close to the impact point.
The duration of the flash grenade has been reduced. This duration will now scale down slightly based on how far the player was from the impact point.

Other Changes

The majority of infantry weapons now have a reload threshold. The reload will still count if this threshold is reached and the reload action is interrupted.
The default medic revive will now revive players at 50% health (up from 20%). The revive cert line has been adjusted to match the new start point.
Minor adjustments to most TR iron sights and scopes to give a more consistent sight picture across different weapons.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue that caused players who switched classes from a MAX while at low health to appear to have zero health as their new class.
Fixed being able to fire chamber weapons at an increased rate by pressing reload during the chamber time.
Removed the delay when swapping away from an in-use heal or repair tool.
Fixed the missing magazine on the Infiltrator’s detect tool.
Fixed an exploit that allowed the NC15 Phoenix from being reloaded while the player is still controlling the rocket
High velocity ammo attachment for the T1B Cycler should now be able to be equipped
Fixed high velocity ammunition giving a higher than intended velocity increase on certain weapons.
Female VS infiltrators should now be able to display equipped decals properly
Zoning during death should no longer cause the UI to display zero shields when spawning back in
Serpent VE92 and the LC3 Jaguar’s weapon descriptions now properly list 2 fire modes, Automatic and Semi-Automatic
Vortex VM21 should now display a Charge fire mode in the description
Fixed the Spawn Beacon timer bug that was causing it to reset every 5 seconds

Vehicle Updates
Enforcer C85 Modified

Model has been adjusted to look more NC.
Adjustments were made to magazine size and shots per pellet so that it could damage armor and be more useful.
CoF no longer blooms after each shot
Increased magazine size from 3 to 5
Ammo Capacity increased from 60 to 100
Certifications now grant 5 additional shots per rank instead of 6
Added magazine size certification line. 1 rank that adds 1 round.
Time to reload increased from 2500ms to 3000ms
Certifications now reduce reload speed by -100ms per rank instead of -90ms per rank
Changed to a different resist type which allows it to do light damage to armor
Amount of pellets per shot reduced from 12 to 8
Damage per shot reduced from 250 to 150

Enforcer ML85

Model has been adjusted to look more NC.
Slight Redesign of Enforcer ML85. It can now fire up to 10 rounds before reloading. When you are landing with most of your shots, the TTK is an improvement over the previous version. Projectile speed has been reduced slightly.
New Description: “The Enforcer ML85 fires magnetically propelled HEAT darts. The magnetic launcher allows for smaller projectiles so more rounds can be loaded at once, requiring fewer reloads. This gives the ML85 strong and sustainable damage. NC use only.”
Clip size increased from 1 to 10
Reload speed reduced from 3250 to 3000ms
Direct hit damage reduced from 1500 to 700 (650 on Harasser version)
Projectile speed decreased from 300 to 200
Added fire rate of 1000ms
Ammo Capacity increased from 30 to 100
Ammo Capacity certifications increased from 3 to 10 per rank.
Outer blast radius reduced from 3 meters to 2 meters.

Proton II PPA

Tuning pass done on PPA to make it a more competitive option. Fire rate should feel improved and it should do more damage to armor and has a slightly higher blast radius.
Changed to a different resist type, allowing more direct hit damage on vehicles.
Fire rate reduced from 600ms to 400ms
Max Direct hit damage reduced from 300 to 275
Max damage range increased from 10 meters to 50 meters
Minimum Direct hit damage increased 150 to 225
Min damage range increased from 100 meters to 150 meters
Inner blast radius damage reduced from 350 to 300
Inner blast radius increased from 1 meter to 1.5 meters
Outer blast radius increased from 3 meter to 4 meters
Clip size reduced from 60 to 50
Ammo Capacity reduced from 420 to 350
Amount granted from Ammo Capacity Certs reduced from 60 to 50 per rank.

Saron HRB

Slight redesign of HRB. It can now rapid fire several shots before reloading. It is pin-point accurate on the first shot, but the cone of fire blooms significantly after the first shot. This allows it to ‘unload’ on targets at close range for a faster TTK. TTK at medium to long range should remain the same when waiting for the cone of fire to reset.
New description: “The Saron HRB fires fast and accurate armor damaging beams. Accuracy of the HRB decreases significantly for half a second after each shot. VS use only.”
Removed firing delay
Magazine size increased from 1 to 6
Added Fire Rate of 200ms
Direct hit damage per shot decreased from 1500 to 425
Increased projectile speed from 250 to 300
Max ammo capacity increased from 30 to 180
Amount granted from Ammo Capacity Certs increased from 3 to 6 per rank.
Added cone of fire bloom per shot of 6
Added max cone of fire of 6
Added cone of fire recovery of 6 in 0.5 seconds
Reduced effectiveness of AoE sense it can be spammed against infantry more
Inner blast damage decreased from 750 to 350
Inner blast radius decreased from 1 meter to 0.5 meters
Outer blast radius decreased from 3 meters to 2 meters

G30 Vulcan

Model has been adjusted to look more TR

P525 Marauder

Model has been adjusted to look more TR

Bug Fixes

A new collision type has been added around the wheels of the Harasser, this should prevent the wheels from clipping into walls (and prevent the Harasser from going into small doors).
Did some tuning on the Flash to make it handle a bit tighter like the Harasser.
Remote viewed vehicles (this includes vehicles you are manning a turret for) should no longer wobble excessively
Fixed some cosmetic issues with Harasser Lumifiber Trim if it was activated while the 3rd person camera was active and the driver did some seat switching
Fixed the third person NC MAX animations appearing to constantly melee attack while sitting in the Harasser rumble seat
The Harasser’s primary weapon should no longer hit players in the rumble seat
Exiting the Harasser rumble seat while next to a grav pad should no longer continue to elevate the player until they crouch
The Lightning’s Skyguard Maximum Ammo certification description should now accurately reflect the ammo capacity per rank

UI Updates
Cleaned up the display of minimap icons

Icons are now smaller assets to mitigate the shimmering-effect and to decrease the footprint
Self indicator used in the rotating minimap is now more transparent
Decreased the glow on the assets for better readability
Squad and platoon indicators are now smaller and more transparent
Indicator sorting reconfigured to always show enemies as the top layer

Added a new Instant Action toggle hotkey

Default binding is the “Home” key. This hotkey functions very similarly to Redeploy and can be canceled by pressing the hotkey again.
If using Instant Action with the hotkey it will display the destination location where it will take the player.
If Instant action is on cooldown when a player presses the hotkey, that player will receive a message indicating the remaining time on the cooldown.
If it is used as a MAX or when instant action is unavailable then players will get appropriate error messaging.

Map Polish

Players can now have Territory Control, Enemy Activity, Ally Activity or any combination of the three toggled on at the same time (if they dare!). Territory Control will show up as colored borders if Enemy and/or Ally Activity filters are toggled on.
Region rollover is now indicated by outlining the region in white instead of highlighting the fill
Resources toggle panel is now combined with the Filter toggle panel
You can now click on the filter and resource text to toggle their filter checkboxes

New Map Viewing Options – Facility Links, Resource Flow, and Influence Cloud

The facility connections filter will show how facilities link to each other and their relationships with neighboring facilities.
The resource flow filter will show warpgate-connected facilities via their links (supply lines).
The influence cloud filter is an alternative display option to territory control. In this view, each facility generates heat in the owner's faction color (large facilities will appear brighter than outposts), creating amore dynamic display than the region boundaries.
Added terrain filter option for players that want to turn it off in the map screen

Other Changes

Now able to set waypoints via the minimap by right-clicking it
A sound now plays when you receive a tell
Expanded minimap ([H] by default) now shows compass
Warpgate spawn points no longer have any cooldown
Added “Ultra” quality settings

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue with the Depot where some bundles would improperly display as unlocked if you owned certain items within the bundle
MAX units should now be able to request rides from Harasser drivers through the radial action menu
Fixed issue with placeable ammo indicator not showing properly tinted icon
Fixed an issue which caused the Loading screens to not show their percentage loading properly
Fixed issue with changing Fixed Minimap setting not updating the player indicator in the minimap.
Non-silenced weapons will now correctly show players on the mini-map.
Generators should now display correct timer values on the Map and Minimap
Corrected a typo in the description for the AF-18 Stalker

Facilities Updates
VR Training

Changed the equipment terminal in front of the VR spawn tubes into a Warpgate Terminal.

Warpgate Rotation

Warpgates on Indar have been rotated

Bug Fixes

Generators can no longer be overloaded without having proper territory adjacency
Support beams on bridges should now render at appropriate distances
Stopped a jump pad at the Allatum Bio Lab from launching you into a tree


29. Mai 2013, 23:41
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Forum Admin

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Beitrag Re: PlanetSide 2 News und Updates
PlanetSide 2 - Erste Details zum »Battle Island«-Update, neues Video

Sony Computer Entertainment gibt erste Details zum »Battle Island«-Update für den Free2Play-Online-Shooter PlanetSide 2 bekannt. Außerdem gibt es ein neues Video mit Gameplay-Szenen zu sehen.

Von Andre Linken |

Datum: 02.07.2013 ; 14:44 Uhr

PlanetSide 2 : Das »Battle Island«-Update für PlanetSide 2 ist im Anmarsch. Das »Battle Island«-Update für PlanetSide 2 ist im Anmarsch. Derzeit arbeiten die Entwickler des Free2Play-Online-Shooters PlanetSide 2 an dem sogenannten »Battle Island«-Update, das innerhalb der nächsten Wochen erscheinen soll. Jetzt hat Sony Online Entertainment diesbezüglich erste Details bekanntgegeben.

Demnach wird das Update mehrere neue Maps enthalten, die allesamt auf Gefechte mit 96 Spielern gleichzeitig ausgelegt sind. Jeweils 48 Teilnehmer stehen dabei auf jeder Seite. Die Karten sollen allesamt ausreichend viel Platz bieten, um auch Fahrzeuge effektiv zum Einsatz bringen zu können. Eine dieser Karten trägt den Namen »Nexus«

Ein konkreter Release-Termin für das »Battle Island«-Update von PlanetSide 2 steht bisher allerdings noch nicht fest.


2. Jul 2013, 17:35
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Forum Admin

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Beitrag Re: PlanetSide 2 News und Updates
Planetside 2 - »Nanite of the Living Dead« - Zombie-Halloween-Event der Community

Am 30. 10. 2013 um 21:00 Uhr startet die Planetside-2-Community ihr Halloween-Zombie-Event, »Nanite of the Living Dead«. Wer schafft es, bis nach der Geisterstunde um 01:00 Uhr in der Nacht zu überleben, ohne sich beißen zu lassen?

»Nanite of the Living Dead« - die Planetside-2-Version der uralten Zombie-Legende »Night of the Living Dead« ist das Halloween-Spektakel der Planetside-2-Community. Am 30. Oktober um 21:00 Uhr (deutsche Winterzeit) ruft die Community dazu auf, bei der Zombie-Party mitzumachen.

Das Zombie-Event entstand aus einer improvisierten Zombie-Spielrunde, die von Mitgliedern von Rock Planet Shotgun, (Planetside-2-Spieler der britischen Spiele-Webseite Rock, Paper, Shotgun) vor einigen Monaten spontan ins untote Leben gerufen wurde. Zu Halloween 2013 soll das Event, das bei Spielern aller drei Fraktionen großen Anklang fand, noch größer und spektakulärer wiederholt werden - mit Gewinnspiel, organisierten Zombies und Übertragung in den Medien. Die Rolle der Zombies wird von den Spielern selbst übernommen.

Dewi von Rock, Planet, Shotgun sowie Pete, Toni, Meike und Tim von Prosieben.Sat1 Games werden das Event betreuen.

Okay, ich will mitmachen! Ich will auch ein Zombie sein!

Ganz einfach. Ab 21:00 Uhr am 30. 10. 2013 einen Vanu-Sanitöter-Charakter auf Amerish, Server »Miller« erstellen und ihn Zombie[Charaktername] nennen. Von PSG koordinierte Anführer-Zombies werden dabei assistieren, möglichst vielen Lebenden das köstliche Gehirn wegzuknabbern. Als Ausrüstung wird nur das Messer benötigt. Ein Messerkill wird als Zombie-Biss gewertet.

Nur Vanu-»Sanitöter« können als Zombie-Charaktere erstellt werden.

Wer einen Lebenden »beißt« (mit dem Messer erwischt) sollte ihm sofort eine private Nachricht zukommen lassen und ihm mitteilen, dass auch er jetzt zu den Legionen der Untoten gehört und ihn über die Zombie-Etikette aufklären.

Zombies haben keinen Führerschein. Zombies können keine Flugzeuge bedienen. Zombies schießen nicht. Sie haben nur ein Messer.

Es wird darum gebeten, mit Hilfe der /yell-Funktion im Chatkanal so oft und so ausgiebig wie möglich »BRAAAAAIINNNNS!« zu brüllen. Oder zu gurgeln. Oder zu stöhnen. Röcheln geht auch.

Soziale Untote beleben ihre untoten Kollegen selbstverständlich wieder. Die Horde ist unsterblich!

Ach, pff, Zombies. Wenn ich mit denen fertig bin, stehen die nicht mehr auf!

Gebissen ist gebissen. Wen die Zombies mit dem Messer erwischen, ist einer von ihnen. Aber was auch immer die Zombies erschaffen hat, wird nicht ewig wirken. Wer bis um 01:00 in der Nacht überlebt, kann T-Shirts und Boxed-Versionen von Planetside 2 gewinnen!


30. Okt 2013, 11:42
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